I'm not here to charge you 10K, I'm here to help you make it.


When I stepped into the online coaching space I was over the broken promises and cookie-cutter systems and I knew other entrepreneurs were too. Through my own personal struggles, I created a proven framework that is results driven with the track record to prove it.

That framework has not only helped me build a multi-million dollar brand but it’s helped hundreds of my clients reach multiple 6 figure income levels. Many of them have hit their first 10K months and have left their 9 to 5s. Outside of financial success, they have better mindsets, more structure, and more confidence in the direction of their businesses.

You've consumed so much in the online space that you find yourself feeling like you need to be a certain type of person to have the success you crave. 

Most of the women I talk to think they need to have webinars, extensive launch strategies, intense social media plans, co-coaches, ads, courses, etc. to be able to reach the income levels they want, and 9 times out of 10 they are wrong. They are doing what they think they need to be doing, not what's best for their business to truly scale and still give them time freedom. They essentially create more work for themselves and end up just trading more time for money.


It's time to rewire the way you see growing a business. You need less fluff, more intentional needle-moving action, a rock-solid mindset, and a strategy that is grounded in the foundation of the life you're trying to create.

By working with me we will cover things like:


In order to have a scalable business, you need scalable offers. I will help you perfect your offer suite so that it's geared towards scalability while still getting your clients results.


From marketing and content to building relationships and giving value we will create strategies for your business that are proven to increase your visibility, impact, and revenue. 


We will create a growth strategy that is grounded in the foundations of the life you're trying to create. We will get clear on your income goals and create a clear plan of action on how to reach them.


We will create a 5-year plan for your business, that is built off of your rinse, repeat and results methods. You'll be able to see what needs to happen in each new level of income.


We will create systems within your offers that are rinse, repeat, and results-driven. We will also identify any systems that needs to be set up or created to maximize time freedom.


Your business can only go as far as your brain. We will unpack limiting beliefs, money blocks, and other mindset speed bumps that come with entrepreneurship and growing to larger income levels.

....and more (not kidding!)

I am commited to you seeing results.

I believe in making all of my coaching experiences memorable, full of action, and results-driven. I want you to feel seen, heard, and connected. There's a reason that we get hundreds of referrals.

Whether you're looking for a self-paced approach, high-level accountability, or a long-term partner in your success I can show you how to get more exposure, more revenue, and more growth.



Business mentor and your newest hype woman.

My journey to a million was nothing near the fairy tale story I had hoped for. I was battling anxiety, a terrible mindset, and working 70+ hours a week. I was struggling with weight gain and issues with every relationship in my life. I was a ticking time bomb, simply living in survival mode. I knew something had to change.


I restructured my entire business. I came back confident and ready to take control of my future versus letting my day-to-day consume me. I put my new framework into play and within 2 months I went from 300K to 500K. Then, within 6 months I hit the 1 million dollar mark. I was working less and making more.


Today, that framework has not only helped me build a multi-million dollar brand but it’s helped hundreds of my clients reach multiple 6 figure income levels.


“Cassie helped me remove all the noise and focus on what was really going to help me make money and in 30 DAYS I HAD MY VERY FIRST 10K MONTH. This month I’m on track to earn $21,000.”


If you're the CEO that's ready to feel, and truly be, in control of your business, income, growth, and time then this is for you. It's your time and I'd be honored to show you the way.