You know that you are meant for so much more but no matter how hard you work, you just can't seem to reach that next level that you're striving for which leads you to feeling frustrated and defeated.


You're always coaching, mentoring, giving support and advice but when it comes to leading yourself, you feel stuck. You need someone outside of your bubble to show you how to truly reach that next level and feed your energy.

You've listened to the podcast and you've read the books on mindset, strategy, and sales but you're over the education and ready for more science-backed implementation that works. You want to dive deeper and get tangible results.

You're ready to break old patterns that are keeping you stuck where you are and create new ones that cultivate success, happiness, fulfillment, and financial freedom, without sacrificing all of your time.

Imagine a business where...

You're actually living that vision board you created whether it be in your mind or on paper. You're living the life of success that you crave.


You're getting messages daily about lives you've changed and the transformations you've helped people create, and it lights your soul up.

You're working in alignment with the schedule you want, vs. the schedule you feel like you should be working.

You feel at peace and in alignment with your purpose by the way you show up. You're creating more content from your soul vs. to sell and in turn that content is attracting your ideal clients.

You feel confident in the direction of your business and the longevity of it. You know this isn't a business that you do for a little while and it fades, this is an empire that you're building.

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My proven Grounded Growth Framework™

My proven Grounded Growth framework helped me go from a burned-out Coach with no direction on how to truly scale my business and a terrible mindset that kept holding me back… to growing not one, but two, multi-million dollar thriving businesses and taught me how I could no longer let my past define me, and that I had everything inside of me the entire time.


My job now is to teach my methods to you, so you can see what’s truly possible when you discover the power of you and create scalable systems built around the life you’re trying to create. You wouldn’t be here reading this if you didn’t feel something inside of you telling you that you were made more.


I’ve helped my clients turn their yearly income into their monthly income, work with their dream clients, create richer lives, and attract EVERYTHING they’ve ever dreamed of by applying these tools.


What makes me different from other coaches? I don't believe there is only one way to get success.

We live in a world where you can google 'how-to' on anything, but in the online business world, it's not that simple. One google search will lead you down a road of thousands of gurus swearing by their methods because it's what they did to get success... so it must work for everyone right? Wrong.


What worked for them won't always work for you and that sentence alone is what guided me through the creation of the Grounded Growth framework. It was created to help entrepreneurs gain a better understanding of themselves, learn the science and psychology behind marketing and sales while also learning how to master the art of creating transformations. By learning these things, you'll be equipped to know what strategies will actually work for you, your business, and your life.


“Cassie helped me remove all the noise and focus on what was really going to help me make money and in 30 DAYS I HAD MY VERY FIRST 10K MONTH. This month I’m on track to earn $21,000.”


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By working with me, you are guaranteed  to...

01. Embody your highest self.

You will learn what it truly means to embody an abundant way of being and cultivate a solid mindset that will lead you to long-term success and growth. Your business can only go as far as your brain. You will feel confident in yourself, your abilities, and your purpose. Imposter syndrome who? You'll embrace all it means to grow on a spiritual, mental, emotional level.

02. Find true authenticity & dream clients.

You'll learn how to harness your story, personality and expieriences to build authority in your industry and connect with your people. You'll get clear on the who your dream clients really are and which ones are going to get the most out of working with you. You'll learn the ins and outs of running a large business and learn how to prepare for expansion.

03. Create a simple business model.

Simple is scalable. Creating a business that gives you time and financial freedom isn't about using every tool that's in the toolbox, it's about using the tool that actually gets the job done. You'll learn how to build a solid foundation in your business that is built on bringing in leads, automating sales, and creating content that works for you.

04. Master the art of transformation.

The key to long-term success is results. Results equal revenue. You'll walk away feeling confident in the experience that you provide from start to finish. We will dive deep into mastering the art of mentoring and transformation so that you can confidently lead and change lives. From your client experience to communication skills, nothing is untouched.

05. Truly grow your business.

With a great mindset, a solid foundation, and a rock-solid business structure you're destined for greatness, but first you have to get the right set of eyes on you. You will understand how to create real change and learn the art of influence, selling and conversations. You'll also learn how to not have to rely solely on social media to generate leads.

06. Expand your brand & business.

You will learn how to expand beyond your current reality. You'll have the opportunity to learn from me and other leaders in the industry. We will cover things like: Money Mindset, Masculine & Feminine Energy, Relationships, Expanding Your Offers, Passive Products, Brand Sponsorships & Deals, Pinterest, Websites & Landing Pages, Funnels, Hiring, and tons more... really!

Let's begin your journey.

I will guide you through my Grounded Growth framework and show you how to cultivate a solid mindset, embody your inner leader, master the art of sales and marketing that is aligned with your personality, and craft a coaching experience that not only generates unforgettable results but recurring revenue and raving clients.

We will work through breaking old patterns and the psychology behind building a truly sustainable business that runs seamlessly so that you can build your version of a successful life, time freedom included.



Self Paced Program

If you're someone that wants to go at their own pace and build their business in the gaps of the free time they have, then the Grounded Growth self-paced program is perfect for you. You will gain access to my proven framework with supportive guides and resources. You will get education and implementation.



VIP Mentoring

We offer 2 levels of higher-level mentoring. These levels are for leaders, visionaries, and ambitious female entrepreneurs that are looking for a more hands-on approach and high accountability within their business. Due to the high demand, we require everyone to submit an application.



“Cassie helped me remove all the noise and focus on what was really going to help me make money and in 30 DAYS I HAD MY VERY FIRST 10K MONTH. This month I’m on track to earn $21,000.”