My Proven Method: How I Have a 98% Sales Close Rate

How do I close clients?

I get this question all the time from coaches and entrepreneurs. So I want to share the method I have followed from day one that has worked wonders for me, called the Butter Method.

As some of you know, I have not utilized social media much to grow my business. Instead, I’ve focused on one of my strengths which is connecting with people. That’s where the Butter Method was born. I can’t take full credit for the name. My good friend, Em, once told me, “Girl, you've got butter” and it’s stuck with me ever since.

This method works! It literally gives me a 98% closing rate on every single call. I am very confident in my calls, and I don't say that to be cocky. I've worked on this for a long time and built confidence in doing the work. I say it all the time - confidence is currency! Confidence will come with time. You just have to continue to do it over and over again, and the more you do it, the more confident you're going to get.

The Butter Method

Each letter of butter represents an aspect of the Butter Method:

B - be present

U - understand their goals

T - tell them who you are

T - their transformation

E - enter your pricing

R - remind them of their goals

1. Be Present

Your ideal clients want to feel seen and heard. I know this might sound crazy, but I've actually seen entrepreneurs do inquiry calls where they're driving or they've got kids screaming in the background. While I get that life happens, it’s important that when it comes to a person investing in you to make sure you are somewhere quiet. You have to understand where they're coming from. When I get on the phone, I'm in a quiet place in my office where I'm giving them my full undivided attention. To start, I’ll say, “So tell me a little bit about you and your business.”

2. Understand their Goals

After learning a bit about them, you’re going to ask them, “What are your three main goals right now?”. So often, entrepreneurs get on calls and go straight into their sale’s pitch without even hearing their potential client’s goals. Don’t start off with your sales pitch. If they booked a call with you, they’re interested in your services, right? People always have more than just that standard level goal, so you've got to go a lot deeper and ask them what their three main goals are.

3. Tell Them Who You Are

So first they're going to tell you who they are and their three main goals. Then you're going to give them a short overview of who you are and your accomplishments in literally 30 seconds. For example, I might say, “Hey, I'm Cassie Ward. I'm going to give you a little bit of my backstory quickly. I grew my design business to six figures in a year. I grew my coaching business to six figures in six months. And I am currently on a journey to help people do X, Y, and Z.”

4. Their Transformation

The next and most important step is to show them how you can provide them with a transformation based on their three goals. At this part, most people will give all the details of their program and what it does. You can’t do that. You have to customize your program to your potential client’s pain points and goals. If they have three main goals that you can't meet, highlight how you're going to give them a transformation with the specific goals you can help them achieve.

5. Enter Your Pricing

When it comes to the pricing conversation, I always ask if they've ever worked with a coach before and if they're familiar with pricing. Then I tell them my price. The key here is that you tell them what you charge and then quickly lead into the next step. Again, you have to be confident; state what you charge, but then transition to reminding them of their goals and how you can help them achieve transformation.

6. Remind Them of Their Goals

Here’s a sample conversation: I’ll start off by saying, “Hey, so tell me more about you and your business.” They will tell you all the things about themself, and I will follow up with, “Oh my gosh, that's so amazing! So what do you feel like your top three struggles are?”. The client will share their top three struggles, and I will say, “I totally understand where you're coming from.” Then, I give them a little bit of my background and then show them the transformation that’s possible, how I can help them reach their goals, and how my program is custom to their goals. They may say something like, “Yes, that is exactly what I need. I'm so tired of being on this rabbit trail. I need help.” Then I will say, “So have you ever worked with a coach before?”. If they say “yes”, I will come back and ask if they are familiar with pricing. You’re going to get multiple answers here, but then you're going to tell what you charge and quickly jump into what you offer. For example, “That’s great! I charge X for a month of coaching, and what we will do is XYZ.” This is where you show them how you can help them achieve their goals. From there, they will say “yes” or “no”, or that they need to think about it. From here I keep it short and sweet. If they say yes, I might say, “Great! All I need is your email address to secure our next spot.” That's exactly what I say every single time.

Now it’s time to put this into practice! Write out a sample conversation or have your family and friends do practice calls with you. Get on the phone with them and tell them to act like an interested customer. Because we all know, our family is literally going to ask us the craziest questions, and a lot of times they're not familiar with exactly what we do. They're going to ask you questions that you may not think about.

That’s the Butter Method! Put this into practice and keep doing it! Confidence will come the more you do this. You’ve got this!