Is it Time to Pivot?: How Pivoting Can Make You More Money

If you are thinking about pivoting in your business, know that we've all been there.

So often we do what we think people want us to do rather than doing what we really want to do. If you’re feeling stuck in your business or you want to pivot but haven’t yet, I can almost guarantee it’s because of fear -- Fear of being judged by others, fear of losing income, fear of the unknown, or all of the above.

So let's dive into how to know if it’s time to pivot and how to make that happen.

A lot of people don't know that when I first started my entrepreneurial journey, I was a virtual assistant. However, that didn’t last long! Two weeks into that career, I left because I realized it was not for me. However, I don’t see it as a failure at all because I learned a lot through the experience, and it led me into the design and branding space.

My design business, Colla Rose Creative, was my first ‘baby’ that brought me financial freedom, and it still brings me so much joy to this day. However, it didn’t bring me time freedom. Colla Rose Creative is one of the top design and branding studios in the online space, and we’ve done more than a thousand sites and brand launches. However, I’ve added a team and built it in a way that I don’t have to sacrifice my day-to-day to make it successful…

And that brings me to the present day… I’m a business coach and money mindset expert where I focus on helping entrepreneurs truly scale their businesses and create profits and peace, aka time and money freedom! My coaching business is what made me a multi-millionaire, has changed the lives of thousands, has helped others make millions and is THE thing that lights me up inside day in and day out.

If I would have stayed a VA because it made me money, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So the question I want you to ask yourself is:

Does this align with the impact I want to make and the life I want to live?

Now… let’s get to the goods… How do you know if it’s time to pivot and where do you start?

Do You Want to Pivot?

If you're thinking about pivoting your business, here are a couple of things you can ask yourself to decide if this is really something that you want to do.

1. What do I really enjoy or not enjoy doing?

It sounds like a simple question, but it's not as simple as it sounds. I have clients sit down somewhere with a nice cup of coffee or a glass of wine, whichever you prefer, and ask themselves the deep questions. Let's just say you have a coaching business - What do you like about coaching? What do you enjoy about it? Is it the person? Is it the transformation? Is it that you’re helping them?

For me, I had to take a deep look at what I really loved about every single step I was doing with my clients. By doing this, I realized it was the teaching. I loved pouring into my clients and connecting with them. A lot of them actually turn into really close friends, even after they leave. This is what would make me wake up happy. That's the only way I know how to explain it. Now, the stuff behind the scenes, that would get overwhelming and there were days I just didn’t enjoy it. I knew how to do it, I was really good at it, but I just wasn't happy doing it.

To be honest, It took me two weeks to really sit down and figure out what exactly I enjoy doing and not doing. Give yourself time. Sit down and take yourself through the process of coaching someone or even being a VA or whatever it is you do. What do you truly enjoy? And if the only thing you can get out of that is you enjoy the people or money. That's okay. It doesn't make you a bad person. But you’ve got to get super clear on what it is that you enjoy about what you're doing, because you wouldn't have just started it if you hated it.

2. What are people actually paying you for?

This is another big one! You may be thinking the answer to this question is the transformation that you provide. That is true, but it goes a little deeper than that. For my clients, I learned that they are paying me to help them make money without having a panic attack at 2 am. Basically peace of mind, hence my business motto: Profits & Peace. They walk away from working with me with a truly SCALABLE business that is aligned to their personality and their definition of success. Don’t love Reels? Don’t do them. Don’t love blogging? Don’t do it. I show them how to use what they love to build their business vs. fitting it into the marketing bubble they think they should be in. How do I know? They told me. I went back and looked at reviews, weekly check-ins and I even ASKED my clients why they booked me in the beginning.

Again, this is going to take a lot of thought. Don't just throw out the first thing that comes to your head. Take some time to sit down, ask yourself this question and dig deep for the answers. You can even ask your clients what was the biggest transformation you gave them. Do some market research and figure out where your strong suits are, because sometimes it can be hard to see.

3. Is Something Holding You Back?

When it came to pivoting in my own business, the thing that was holding me back was the fear of change and of what people thought. I cared way too much about what people thought of me and my business. I was also clearing 10-20K months in my design business so the thought of trying something new was terrifying.

Nowadays I don't really care at all, but it took a lot of mindset work to get there.

I want you to ask yourself, “Is there a reason that I'm not pivoting now?”. It could just be because you don't know where you want to pivot and that's okay. In that case, you may have to come back to this and say, “Okay, now, is there something holding me back?”. It could just be that you don’t know where to go, but if you feel in your gut that you're not aligned with what you're doing right now, don't do it.

I'm telling you, don't waste time doing something that you're not aligned with, because you're just taking away from the time where you could be doing something that you actually want to do. I work with so many people who are out of alignment when they come to me, meaning they're doing things that I personally feel they don't want to do. They're just doing it to pay the bills.

Once we’ve worked through the mindset stuff and they finally make a pivot, it's crazy. I tell my clients this all the time, “Listen, just trust me, because when you hit that flow point, it is literally gonna flow.” I get people who come in and for months they can't get any traction. They feel like they are stuck on this or that. They don't know how to show up or write copy for things. Nothing is flowing. And the minute they make a little pivot towards alignment, it flows. I've had people within two days give me everything they've been trying to come up with for months because they're finally in alignment with what they should be doing.

It can be really scary to change, I get it. I was making good money and felt like I was killing it per se. I worried that if I made the pivot, my income would be gone. It’s a terrible mindset to have, but it's a common mindset, especially if you're not making a lot of money to begin with. So if you come in and you're only making maybe $1,500 a month or less, the thought of pivoting is a little terrifying because you're like, “Wait, I feel like I've just picked up momentum.”

Word of advice - don't stay doing something just because of momentum and bills. Trust me. I went through this and it led me down a very rough road.

How to Pivot

Once you get through the discovery phase, it’s time to start the pivoting process. Here I'm going to go into six things that will help you navigate that pivoting phase.

1. Always Be Transparent

A lot of people on the internet will tell you not to pivot because your followers are going to feel X, Y, Z, or they are going to be confused. Don’t listen to that. Instead, just be transparent with your audience. When people see you as a human being, it converts better than if they see you just doing what everyone else says you should do. People want real people, not cookie cutter versions of the other coaches they see.

2. Get Clear, Meditate, and Sit on it

Sit on it.

My team knows that I wake up daily with ideas, but I ALWAYS sit on things for at least 30 days and check my emotions after 30 days. That can seem like a long time but pivoting shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially when it comes to having real success.

How do you know if it’s the right decision? You WILL know in your gut. For me, I see signs and just get an overwhelming feeling of confidence. I’ve had many ideas that never came to be because while they may have been fun, they were not aligned with the life I truly wanted, what people wanted and what would make me truly happy long term.

This is going to help you avoid becoming a ‘Pivoting Patty’, where you are constantly changing. For example, one day you're a nutrition coach, the next day you're an energy healer, and the next day you're a life coach. Your clients and followers are not going to trust you because there's no consistency.

Now with that being said, you're probably thinking, well, then why would I want to pivot? One small pivot in the right direction is completely fine, and it can lead to amazing profits and progress inside of your business. However, being a serial pivitor can hurt your business. So just remember that.

3. Get a Hold of Your Mindset

If you go into this pivot and you still feel like an imposter or that you shouldn't do this, you're not going to get anywhere or be successful. Period. You've got to get a hold of your mindset. When I first started out, people always told me that I needed to work on my mindset to grow a successful business. To be honest, I thought they were full of it, and I didn't do it, but that hurt me in the long run.

So make sure that as you're pivoting, you get a good grip on the life that you want. For me, in order for my mindset to shift into this new brand, I had to get super clear on the purpose behind why I was doing it. I read a whole lot of books. One book I cannot recommend enough is Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield Thomas. This one really helped affirm that this pivot was really what I wanted.

4. Inform Your Current Clients, FIRST

This is the biggest mistake I see people do when they pivot. If you are thinking of pivoting inside of your business, let your current clients know. For example, I have a client who is a nutrition coach and launching an online course about mindset, but she also has one-on-one clients. She was so concerned that her one-on-one clients would be confused when she started pivoting, and so she drafted an email to inform them. The email went something like, “Hey! This is what's been going on. This is what's going to happen. You are still my number one priority at the end of the day. But this is where my business is pivoting.”. She reassured them that she wasn’t going anywhere or abandoning them. Instead, this was just her growing as an entrepreneur. The important thing here is that she let them know before she ever shared on social media, which is crucial. Your current clients are number one, and you have to make them feel that. If they're working with you one-on-one or in any aspect, they’ve invested in you, they believed in you, and they deserve to know these things and to be taken on this journey with you.

When I launched my Grounded Growth program, all of my clients got it completely free. They knew about it before it even launched. We took them on the journey with us, so they knew where I was going and got excited whenever we launched because they felt like they were a part of it.

5. Take Your Followers on a Journey

After you've let your clients know the way your business is going, you can share with your audience. When you start showing up, either on social media, email marketing, or whatever you choose, no matter where this “follower” is from, take them on your journey.

It could be from the beginning stages where you're building your program. It could be when you are curating podcast episodes and that you have big things coming soon. Or you could share what you worked on that day. People love that. And listen, we all love reality TV. It's essentially like a reality TV show. You're taking them on a journey. And that way, when you launch, they're not going to wonder where that came from.

6. Confidence is Currency

This is the most important aspect of all this! Whenever you pivot, you've got to keep going to gain confidence in your new venture. People often ask me, “I was doing this one thing for so long. How do I get confident in this new thing?”. Well, one thing you will learn is once you're in alignment, the confidence just flows. So practice, practice, practice. The more you show up, the more you step into this new version of yourself, the confidence is going to come. And then the money is going to come, as well.

I hope these tips help you identify if it’s time to pivot and if so, how you are going to do it well. As always, I’d love to hear what stood out to you in this post. Send me a DM me on Insta and share!