8 Tips for Growing a 6-Figure Business

If you hear people talking about building a six-figure, half a million or a million-dollar businesses all the time and you’re wondering just what it takes to reach that level of income, this post is for you, my friend!

Most online coaches and entrepreneurs start their businesses so they can make enough money to leave their 9-to-5 or be able to stay home with their kids (or fur kids). So the thought of hitting six figures, half a million or a million-dollar business seems a little out of reach.

But, actually, the math is simple…

108K a year = $9,000 a month

That’s $1,000 x 9

That’s $500 x 18

That’s $250 x 36

You get where I’m going here. It’s a thousand percent something YOU can do! You don’t need to have a magical unicorn in your back yard or a certain personality type to achieve it.

Here are 8 tips for you to grow a six-figure business:

1.Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The first and most important thing to remember is that growth is uncomfortable. For at least a year my screensaver said, ‘the more uncomfortable you get the more comfortable you become with getting uncomfortable.’ A mouthful, I know, but it pushed my introverted self out of my comfort zone when it came to conversations, sales, marketing, etc.

2. Embrace the messy middle.

The fastest way to succeed is to take messy, imperfect action. Start where you are and seek out experience and progress instead of perfection. Fail fast to learn as much as you can, as fast as you can. If you’re not messing up sometimes, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough! I truly believe that in the midst of messy action, you start gaining a better understanding of your purpose, what you enjoy, what you don’t enjoy, and who you really want to serve.

I can’t tell you how many mini pivots happened for me in my ‘messy middle’ phase, but I know that this phase was PIVOTAL in the success I have today. Think of it as visiting your favorite ice cream shop and there are just SO many options and you’re not sure where to begin. Mint chocolate chip could be good, but so could butter pecan. Just try one and keep going, you’ll start to learn which flavors taste the best and which ones you’d never buy again. The same goes for business! Trust the process.

3. Believe in yourself more than others.

You have to constantly believe in yourself more than others because I can guarantee you that they will NOT see the vision that you see. Loved ones and friends who don’t see your vision usually have limiting beliefs of their own and a constrained idea of what is possible. Don’t let it stop you from taking action! Remember that YOU are the CEO -- you have the vision and the will to figure out how to make it a reality. Just tell them to watch and learn -- who knows, you may inspire them to finally go after a dream they’ve been putting off for years!

Now on the other hand, you have to be a realist and know that not everyone will always support you, there will be people who are literally waiting for your downfall so they can say ‘I told you so.’ That’s why it’s super important to get clear on what you’re working hard to build and why.

4. Define your success.

Success is a word that gets thrown around so much, and our first thought is normally money, but success is so much deeper than that. For me, success was being financially stable enough to get my parents out of debt, it was the time freedom to travel whenever and wherever I wanted, it was being able to make it to my nieces ball games, it was making sure my fur babies had top level care (I mean have you ever seen a vet bill? Enough said), it was being able to be truly present with my husband and build a stronger bond as we grew together, and most importantly success for me is getting the Voxer messages and emails from my clients crying because I was able to show them an easier way to grow an online business and still be able to be a present parent, wife, sister, etc. Success for me was so much more than how much I made. I knew the money was going to come, but first I had to DEFINE it.

5. Stop constantly learning.

I know this sounds silly, as you’re reading this post and learning from me, but hear me out. I didn’t say stop learning, I just said to stop trying to constantly learn. So many of my clients tell me they listen to Podcasts every single chance they get or they read the latest business building book as soon as it hits the shelves. Learning and growing is KEY to growth financially, but you have to give yourself space to absorb all that information. One of THE pivotal things I personally did was start reading at least one FICTION book a month. Not a book reader? Binge some Netflix!! You will NOT fail as an entrepreneur! You are NOT being lazy! You are taking care of you. Try it out for a month, and I promise you’ll notice that you will feel a little lighter and show up differently.

6. Don’t follow others in your industry.

Do you follow others who do what you do and find yourself questioning your own worth or if you’re really cut out to do what you’re doing? Yea? Me too. We all do it! You’re human. I can sit here and give you the pep talk you need and say things like: “Know your worth!”, “You have something she doesn’t!”, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” While all of that is 100% true, some people need action, and the best action you can do here is remove yourself from the situation! Out of site, out of mind. There are people in my industry that I absolutely adore, I think they are amazing humans and coaches but at times they can cause me to feel inadequate and this has NOTHING to do with them, it’s all me! So I keep their stories and posts on mute and go check on them from time to time while I work on healing parts of myself. When you login to social media your number one focus should be to engage and connect with YOUR ideal client anyway!

7. Celebrate every little win.

No matter how small or insignificant each win seems, it needs to be celebrated! The more you celebrate small wins, the more wins you’ll have! So pop a bottle of bubbly, or write in your gratitude journal. Take a walk outside and reflect on how good it feels to make progress and feel proud of your successes. Just don’t let little wins go by unnoticed! Y’all I celebrate EVERYTHING! I mean who doesn’t love a good reason to get a tequila sunrise or margarita!?

8. Focus on one driver.

Last, but certainly not least is pouring your focus into ONE driver. SIMPLE is SCALABLE when it comes to marketing your business. Most of the women who come to me are trying to drive three cars at once, cars meaning marketing funnels. They are posting on Facebook and Instagram; doing email marketing, Pinterest marketing, ADs, and text marketing... you name it, and they are probably doing it. That’s too much if you’re not sitting at the million-dollar mark. The reason I say the million-dollar mark is because to effectively run all of those things you’re going to be paying a pretty penny. Of course, you can DIY all those drivers, but you’re not going to be able to give it your all and you’ll get little to no movement. You’ve got to narrow down your drivers to gain traction and not lose your sanity.

First, think about where your ideal client is hanging out. For my business, my ideal clients are listening to podcasts and hanging out on Instagram. So in the beginning we put all of our focus into being guests on podcasts and creating content for and networking on Instagram. Once revenue increased, we moved on to other avenues. You see all of these posts about repurposing content and putting it on 19 platforms and while I’m all about repurposing some content, there’s a right and a wrong way to do it! What does well on Facebook will NOT do well on Instagram and so on. So my advice is to choose ONE platform for ONE year, and I can guarantee you that you will see more movement than if you run six things for one year.

And there you have it! Those are my top 8 tips to growing a six-figure business. I’d love for you to DM me on Insta and share with me your biggest takeaway from this post!

And cheers to six-figures!