6 Ways To Create Peace Within Your Business

“I’m finally making money and seeing success but I’m running myself into the ground trying to get it all together!”

I see you, I hear you, I was you!

First, celebrate the hell out of the success you’re having.

Second, let’s unpack how you got here…

Here’s what I see all the time with my clients - they get in this spot because they are working with a few clients who aren’t a great fit. They are doing launch strategies and executing cookie-cutter marketing plans that leave them creating content more than actually serving their clients. They are offering a non-scalable service and/or are offering services that aren’t aligned with their personality type.

When you add some or all of that up, you end up with a business you resent and that keeps you busy, sucks the energy out of you, and puts you on an emotional rollercoaster of intense highs and lows.

You always hear the words ease and flow in the online coaching world but what people fail to realize is that creating ease and flow isn’t just about organization, automation, and fancy tools… It's truly about managing your energy and making sure that your business is built around the life you’re trying to create.

Here are 6 ways you can start creating more peace within your business:

1. Paint the Picture

Most entrepreneurs usually ‘fall into’ entrepreneurship. They never saw themselves becoming a multi-million dollar CEO, or they find success but quickly realize that it isn’t as glamorous and doesn’t feel as good as they thought it would.

I’m not sure what I thought it would feel like to hit six-figures, but when I did, I remember thinking, ‘This is it?”. Six-figures was the coveted title that everyone wanted, and yet I didn’t feel like a champion. Then half-a-million dollars came, and I thought the same thing… for me that’s when it all changed. And then a million came and no feeling could compare.

The difference?

I was super clear on the answers to these two questions:

Question #1: What does my life look like as a happy, million-dollar business owner?

Question #2: What has to happen for that to be a reality?

For question one, you’ve got to get super detailed, from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to sleep at night. Be clear on every single little detail.

For question two, the same applies. If the happy version of you gets in a workout every morning no matter what, what needs to change to make that happen? If the million-dollar version of you has a team, how much do you need to make to make that happen? How many clients do you need?

You can see where I’m going here. You have to be SUPER clear on what exactly you want. If you were taking a trip somewhere you wouldn’t just get in the car and drive. You’d book a hotel, plan the dates, get directions, etc. If not, you’d be driving for hours and days.

2. Take Your Brain

Your business can only grow as much as your mindset.

“I want more peace in my business,” I said to myself. A voice inside me replied, “Start by creating peace within you.”

Whatever you want to create and experience in your business — whether it’s more peace, more joy, more abundance, ease, flow, you name it — let it start within you.

Strategy without inner work is like rearranging the furniture. It will look fresh and new on the outside at first, but eventually you’ll find that it just perpetuates the same patterns and keeps you stuck in the same loops.

If you reorganize your schedule for more flow today, but don’t address the inner work, the same old thought patterns and habits will lead you back into a cycle of chaos by next week.

So instead, for lasting change and a fundamental shift in how you operate your business, start with the inner work. Cultivate what you want to receive from your business first and foremost in yourself.

On a scale of 0–10, how much ease and flow do you have in your inner world? How much ease and flow do you have in the way you talk to yourself and experience life?

Are you practicing acceptance and nurturing seeds of contentment and joy in your heart regardless of your circumstances?

Or are you resisting at every step? Are you caught in a battle of wills with the world, fighting for the upper hand, making things hard for yourself?

These things aren’t your fault! You are not broken or flawed. You are human. This is simply conditioning that is no longer serving you, that you’re ready to release...

…so you can experience life as it comes and enjoy the journey along the way, while holding your vision close to your heart.

Questions to ask yourself:

How can I cultivate the feelings I want in my business and in myself?

How do these qualities already show up in my business?

What is something I can do to feel how I want to feel today?

3. Align Your Messaging and Content

You’ve set the intention and started realigning inwardly with your vision of ease and flow. Now we want to align your business around your vision – and it starts with your message!

Your voice and perspective have evolved since you started this business… you know more about your field of expertise, and your philosophy about what your customer really needs, may have evolved significantly.

...but maybe you’re still relying on the same old words, ideas, and language about what you do – after all, it’s gotten you this far, hasn’t it?

But when you’re ready to grow in a new direction, work with clients who are more aligned with you, and experience more ease and flow in your business… it’s time to breathe new life into your message!

You want your words and your voice to reflect who you really are, and honor your values and your story so far – while making the lasting, meaningful impact you want to make in your community…

…so you can share content and ideas that light you up, and build your reputation as the go-to expert in what you want to be known for!

Questions to ask yourself:

What has been sparking my curiosity lately?

What have I learned in the past few months of my business?

What do I know is true about me, that I didn’t realize before?

4. The Riches Are in The Routines

Do you have routines that support you, and keep things easy and convenient? Or is your schedule a chaotic free-for-all that leaves you exhausted and confused about which direction you’re headed?

I naturally prefer things open-ended, flexible, and non-committal…

But reimagining my schedule and routines to better support me has been a game-changer in terms of my enjoyment and efficiency in my business.

Here’s the truth: the way you’re handling tasks and priorities in your business has a huge impact on the energy you bring into your content and your community.

So, examine the points of friction in your day, find the tasks and moments creating resistance and organize your schedule to best serve you.

Maybe that means working fewer hours, outsourcing tasks that drain you, or waking up earlier to get your high-priority tasks done, so you can stop work earlier in the day.

Or maybe that means scheduling all your client calls on one or two days per week, so you have the rest of the week to dive deep into passion projects that excite you!

No need to overwhelm yourself with a dozen changes at once. Take it one at a time! A year from now, you’ll have much more ease and flow in your day.

Questions to ask yourself:

Which tasks in my business fuel me and my soul?

Which ones wear me out quickly or create friction/frustration in my day?

What are three small changes I can make in my schedule to create more flow?

5. Unpack Your Offers

Are your offers really serving you and your clients the very best they can?

To start a whole new chapter in your business, it’s important to revisit and possibly rethink your offers and how you’re serving and supporting your clients.

I get it — maybe you’re thinking, “But I finally learned how to sell my current offer consistently, and now you want me to start all over with a new one?”

Nope! This isn’t about ditching all your progress or throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Those hard-earned lessons aren’t going anywhere, and neither is the unique magic you’ve mastered!

This is about leveling up and elevating your current offers to better serve you and your ideal clients

Maybe this means converting a one-on-one offer into a group experience or passive course. Or maybe it means moving all your client calls to one or two days a week; freeing up your other days for strategic projects and doing things you enjoy.

But this reorganization step is important.

Because your next chapter is all about doing what lights you up, making the impact you’re here to make, and expanding your income and impact.

So say goodbye to hustling, struggling, and burning yourself out; working with the wrong clients; and doing the wrong work for your unique energy... and say hello to thriving by leaning into your unique superpowers!

Questions to ask yourself:

How does the highest version of me offer my gifts to the world?

What gifts and strengths does my highest self lean into?

What has my highest self let go of in order to focus on what I do best?

6. Look at Your Circle

I saved this one for last because to be honest, it’s the most important.

You’ve probably heard that phrase that you are the sum of the five closest people to you, and while I don’t think that means that if your friend Susie is divorced you will be divorced, I do believe that you take on their mindset traits.

If you have a friend who is constantly negative, you’ll find yourself being more negative than normal.

Entrepreneurship can be lonely, and not enough people talk about that.

I encourage you to really take a hard look at your circle and the people you interact with on a day-to-day basis.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is there anyone around me that sucks the energy out of me?

If so, how can I put a strong boundary in place?

What other friends do I have who are entrepreneurs?

None? - What events or groups can I join to meet new people?

There you have it! Six ways to bring more ease and flow into your business. Because you do not need to run yourself into the ground to be successful. Start by implementing one of these at a time and build a business that works for you. I’d love to hear if this post resonated with you! Send me a DM and let me know.