5 Powerful Habits for an Aligned & Successful Life

“Cassie, how do you stay connected to your visions, and purpose, when there is so much noise in the online space?”

The answer is simple: You simply stay connected with your own truth. When you know yourself on a soul level, all of the things you consume on a day-to-day basis won’t affect you. When you feel aligned with who you truly are, nothing that anyone else is doing, saying, teaching, or promoting can sway you.

I teach online business owners a different way to grow online, and I know this. I’ve never met a Coach that teaches how I do… and I’m confident in that. I know that it’s why I was led to this space and I’m confident in the results it brings. So when Susan is posting how she coaches, or what she recommends for strategy… I simply listen and move on. It doesn’t sway the way I show up and teach.

And it took me a long time to realize that. For years, I resisted and rejected my true self, I felt like I needed to be coaching the way they were! But what made the biggest difference for me was creating alignment practices, rituals, and structures that supported this expansive, authentic, ambitious version of myself.

So, let me show you a few of them that will help you to live an aligned life, and business, every day:

#1 Invest in yourself on every single level

I didn’t hire a coach until I was way past making 6 figures, and it was the worst decision I made. I was making things way harder than they had to be due to my scarcity mindset. I remember thinking things like “They charge HOW MUCH?” Yet I had clients paying me premium prices.

If you know me, you know that I am extremely stubborn, so of course, I figured I would just figure it out as I went along. I lost not only a lot of money from different marketing mistakes but I feel like I lost a lot of time as well. So my biggest piece of advice is that no matter where you’re at in your journey, invest. Do not go at it alone, even if it’s just an idea in your head.

#2 Be ok with saying “no” and setting boundaries

I used to believe that people only liked me because I was a yes-sayer. I thought that if I suddenly showed other parts of myself and started doing what I truly wanted, then people wouldn't like me.

But that is soooo not true. And I had to learn that the hard way.

YOU have to create your own rules and live life on your own terms... no matter what.

Don’t be scared to set and communicate your boundaries unapologetically. Say no when your body tells you no. Don’t agree to the things that aren’t supporting your goals. And, remember, when you say NO to others, you are saying YES to yourself. And that is truly powerful.

I also want to add, this includes family… friends… clients… anyone!

#3 Data over drama

Every. Single. Thing. You. Do. Is. Data.

Let’s say you make a cake, and it comes out a little dry but still delish. You know next time to add a little bit more… milk? I’m not a baker, but you get where I’m going here…

You have now collected data on that cake and you know what to do differently next time.

Every single thing you do in LIFE, not just business, is data. I talk to so many women that have had failed launches, inconsistent months, etc. and they just beat themselves up over it. You just have to look at the data of what is working and what isn’t and pivot accordingly. Do you think the CEO of Netflix cried when Hulu came out? Doubtful.

Every month I believe every CEO should have a data day and take a look back at different areas of their business for the past month and see what did good, and what was lacking and then adjust accordingly.

#4 Complete the hardest tasks first thing in the morning

For many people, mornings are when they’re the most mentally sharp and productive. If that sounds like you, then this is when you should prioritize the important tasks that will help you achieve all your goals.

I personally love to focus on my high-priority tasks first, so that in the afternoon I don’t have to struggle if I find I have less energy and focus. I’m also able to create a high-productivity, peak focus state if I put my phone away, turn off my notifications and remove anything that could distract me.

#5 Have mental reset days

I used to believe I would only be worthy of receiving if I worked really hard. And so I worked all the time. Even though at the time, I was creating a business I was truly passionate about, I eventually reached a point of burnout. I was waking up every day without energy and I felt completely drained.

That’s when I realized I had to make a change. Because if your mind is constantly rushing or you’re feeling exhausted, there’s no way you’ll be able to show up in the way you want to.

Hustle culture has us believe we have to go-go-go in order to succeed. But the opposite is actually the truth.

In order to show up to your full potential, you gotta prioritize rest, fill up your own cup, and nurture the home that you’ve created within yourself. Because truthfully? What’s the point in creating a life that looks good on the outside if it doesn’t feel good or supportive on the inside?

Trust me, you have to schedule in slow days if you want to succeed in life.

The key here is to be consistent when you take on new habits.

Living a fulfilling life on purpose is simple. Not easy, but simple.

So find support, set boundaries, get clear on where you’re going, and don’t forget to love yourself along the way.