Grounded Growth Self Paced Program


The Grounded Growth Program has an 84% completion rate vs. the industry standard of 15%.

In a world where everyone has a course or online program, I knew that my program had to be different. It had to stand out and actually get people results. I didn't want people purchasing something they never actually finish.

One common thing I saw in other programs was a bunch of education and fluff and no action, OR so much action that your head would start spinning leaving you, even more, overwhelmed than you were before.

So what did I do differently?

I removed the videos, removed the fluff, and focused on education, implementation, and action.

No videos, Cassie? Are you crazy?... Hear me out.

As a visionary and go-getter I would find myself sitting down to watch videos inside of a course I purchased, and very quickly my ADHD brain would open a new tab and get distracted. I would then start adding it to my calendar to sit down and finish the program but... life... I was falling into that 85% of people who don't complete courses.

But I did notice that if it was a video where I didn't have to watch the slideshow, I would consume it while I was walking or doing other things and I actually absorbed the information.

So with Grounded Growth, I created the program audio style, so it feels like you're listening to your favorite podcast... except without all the fancy intros and outros.

Just education, implementation & action-focused.

The moment we did this, we saw a spike in how engaged our students were and how much more transformational the program became.

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Inside of Grounded Growth, you will...

01. Embody your highest self.

You will learn what it truly means to embody an abundant way of being and cultivate a solid mindset that will lead you to long-term success and growth. Your business can only go as far as your brain. You will feel confident in yourself, your abilities, and your purpose. Imposter syndrome who? You'll embrace all it means to grow on a spiritual, mental, and emotional level.

02. Find true authenticity & dream clients.

You'll learn how to harness your story, personality, and experiences to build authority in your industry and connect with your people. You'll get clear on the who your dream clients really are and which ones are going to get the most out of working with you. You'll learn the ins and outs of running a large business and how to prepare for expansion.

03. Create a simple business model.

Simple is scalable. Creating a business that gives you time and financial freedom isn't about using every tool in the toolbox. It's about using the tool that actually gets the job done. You'll learn how to build a solid foundation in your business that is built on bringing in leads, automating sales, and creating content that works for you.

04. Master the art of transformation.

The key to long-term success is results. Results equal revenue. You'll walk away feeling confident in the experience you provide from start to finish. We will dive deep into mastering the art of mentoring and transformation so that you can confidently lead and change lives. From your client experience to communication skills, nothing is untouched.

05. Truly grow your business.

With a great mindset, a solid foundation, and a rock-solid business structure you're destined for greatness, but first you have to get the right set of eyes on you. You will understand how to create real change and learn the art of influence, selling, and conversations. You'll also learn how to not have to rely solely on social media to generate leads.

06. Expand your brand & business.

You will learn how to expand beyond your current reality. You'll have the opportunity to learn from me and other leaders in the industry. We will cover things like: Money Mindset, Masculine & Feminine Energy, Relationships, Expanding Your Offers, Passive Products, Brand Sponsorships & Deals, Pinterest, Websites & Landing Pages, Funnels, Hiring, and tons more... really!


What you get inside of the Grounded Growth Self-Paced Program

Inside of Grounded Growth, you will gain access to my signature Grounded Growth Framework™ which includes 7 areas of focus with multiple modules inside of each including trainings, templates, and guides that will be dripped over a 90 day period.

You will have access to the Grounded Growth Framework™ for a full year as well as access to all new trainings and guest events.

Here's the hard truth.

When your strategy leans into your strengths, the clients you deserve will invest in you. When you shift your money mindset, you price from a place of power and abundantly attract. When you create rinse and repeat methodologies you can help transform the lives of more people and stop trading time for money.

And when you invest in yourself and are open to change, the magic really does happen internally and inside of your bank account.

Join Grounded Growth

Join me and thousands of others who are boldly building impact-driven businesses on our own terms and stepping into financial overflow while doing so. It’s time to create a legacy that you are proud of and the freedom to build the life you truly want.

01. GO ALL IN & SAVE $500+