How I went from a small-town girl with crippling anxiety to building two multi million dollar businesses.


I was born and raised in a town with no stoplights and a population of 2,200 (ish).

I grew up in a town where everyone knew everyone, you were supposed to graduate, go to college, get married, get a good job, and have babies... in that order. Anything outside of the lines and the whole town would start talking. I went to the same school my entire family went to, and everyone knew my parents. While I'm thankful for that small town and all of the things it taught me, I never felt like I fit in. I always felt like I was meant for more but I buried it deep inside, because at that time I didn't even know what that meant. I just ignored the nudge and tried my best to do as I was told.

But ignoring that nudge led me down a path of rebellion as a teenager and working as hard as I could to 'run' away from that small town. I moved to a 'bigger' city that was an hour away chasing something different, something more.

Then I found myself diagnosed with Uterine Cancer at the age of 27

Fast forward a few years, an abusive relationship, and many ups and downs I was settled about an hour away from home, in a small apartment with my husband living paycheck to paycheck but feeling like I had finally achieved success. I had a good job that had great benefits, and my parents were so proud.

But why wasn't I happy? Why was that nudge still there? I continued to bury it until I got a life-shattering phone call.

Yes, a phone call. My doctor called to let me know that I had Uterine Cancer and they wanted to waste no time in getting me into a specialist. It was at that moment that my life flashed before my eyes. Nothing can prepare you for that news at any age, but at 27 it was something I never expected to hear.

After many tears, surgeries, and amazing doctors, I made it through. But little did I know that diagnosis would create a burning flame inside of me that I never knew was there. That nudge turned into a push.

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I left my good job & moved across the country.

In society's eyes, I had a great job with great benefits, but in reality, it was a toxic work environment where I wasn't appreciated and my giving personality was taken advantage of so many times. I had no idea what I was going to do. I just knew I couldn't stay there. I wasn't created to just go with the flow and be who society wanted me to be. So I put in my notice, and my husband and I made a huge decision to leave behind everything we knew and move across the country to Tampa, Florida, for a fresh start. At that moment, I felt alive, excited, and terrified, but I knew there was a reason we were being pushed.


I was making money working 70+ hours a week.

One day my best friend asked me if I knew anyone that could build her website. I had always been known to be pretty techy, and I was a pretty creative person so I figured I could try it out. So I did. That website led me down a road of referrals and me stepping into the social media world to market my business.


Fast forward a year and I found myself making six figures... then people started asking me how I was growing so fast, so I started mentoring other entrepreneurs. I was invited to large company trainings and had the honor of mentoring thousands of online business owners and building hundreds of websites. I even won an award from the IAW. Growth was happening, but I was struggling. I found myself working 70+ hours a week and having zero days off. My relationships were suffering, I was gaining weight, my mental health was terrible, and my anxiety was crippling.

Then add in the loneliness that came from being in a new town, my husband was working a lot, and of course, so was I! That small town I had spent years running away from was calling me back. I just wanted to go home. I just wanted to be happy. So, we made the decision to move a little closer to home. That's when we became Memphis residents and it's where we still live and love!


My grandpa died & I quit my business.

In Memphis, I kept swimming along working in pure survival mode, and not attending family events because I had to work. We had lived in Memphis for a good year, and yet I hadn't even visited the downtown area because I was too 'busy'. I was wired to think that if I wanted it, I had to work for it, right? Then on May 2, 2019, I got the call at 7:00am that my grandpa, who was a father figure to me, had passed away from a heart attack. That day was supposed to be a heavy call day, and thankfully I worked with amazing people who understood. But there was one client who was extremely rude, and made me feel guilty for rescheduling our call. She had zero respect for me or my loss.

I just cried.

I cried for all of the missed opportunities with my grandpa because of work. I cried because I was TIRED. I cried because I was trying to keep everything running smoothly. I cried because I didn't know who I was anymore. I cried because this wasn't why I left corporate. I left corporate to actually live my life and this 'job' was killing me faster than my toxic corporate job was. So I was done. I quit.


to today

I hit a million dollars & my framework was born.

For two weeks I was preparing to close my business. I had the emails drafted, the money squared away for refunds, and I had dusted off my resume. Thankfully, I have a husband who believes in me more than I believe in myself at times, and he sat me down and told me that I had come too far to stop. I had to keep going. So after some sleep, meditation, and space, I told myself I would give it my all one more time, but this time I was going to do it in a way that worked FOR ME, and if people had a problem with it, they weren't for me.

That's when the Grounded Growth Framework™ was born.​

This framework helped me go from a burned-out Coach with no direction on how to truly scale my business and a terrible mindset that kept holding me back… to growing not one, but two, multi-million dollar thriving businesses. I stopped relying on social media, learned how to truly understand and love myself, and stopped trying to fit into society's box of 'successful entrepreneurs, I defined my own success.


Working with me is for you if...

No matter how hard you work, you feel like you just can't reach your highest potential. You've listened to business and mindset podcasts and you feel like it's all 'basic' and not as helpful as you were hoping. You're hungry for needle-moving action tools and psychology-based strategies - you're ready to go deeper, and build sustainability.

You're a leader, a visionary, and you're hungry. You're hungry for a higher level of success, you want to master the art of sales and become a sought-after coach in your industry.

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