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Stop playing small. It's time to get serious about how you are showing up for your ideal client, prospects, customers and followers. Massive bank accounts don't happen without massive action. I know you feel like you were "made for more" as Rachel Hollis would say. It's time to take control of your current situation and stop dreaming about it.



Hi, I'm Cassie Ward. I'm a wife, the favorite aunt, a dog mom, the world's worst speller, a graphic T junkie, OCD is my middle name, I'm a sucker for a great Netflix binge and I'm an entrepreneur if you haven't figured that out by now.


October of 2017 I created a website for my best friend and she said "You know you can make money doing that?" and that's when an entrepreneur was born. Fast forward through a lot of tears, towel throw in's, confusion and non motivating days I gained success quickly. I grew my design business to 6 figures in under a year and then launched my coaching business and grew it to 6 figures in under 6 months.

My secret? I knew that if nothing changed, nothing would change. So I embraced change and put my corporate experience into play, the systems I created and followed are nothing like what I "thought" I should have been doing in the beginning of my business.

With 10 years of corporate marketing experience and my own entrepreneurial experiences I've been blessed to be able to teach, train, mentor and guide thousands of people. I've built over 400 websites and I've met so many amazing people along the way. 

This is only the beginning.


Caitlin G.